Beidahu Ski Resort in China is one of the most popular spots for skiing and snowboarding in the country. Located in the Jilin Province, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests. With a variety of ski runs for all levels, Beidahu Ski Resort is a great place for those looking for a thrilling experience. The resort offers a variety of ski runs ranging from beginner to advanced, making it an ideal location for both experienced skiers and snowboarders. It also features a variety of amenities such as ski shops, ski rentals, and snow sports equipment.

Elevation: 520-1370m (1706-4495ft)
DropDrop: 850m (2789ft)
Length of runsLength of runs: 37km (23mi)
Runs: 19
Longest runLongest run: 5km (3mi)
SkiliftsSkilifts: 6
SnowparkSnowparks: 0
SeasonSeason: November – April
SkipassDay skipass (approx.): 70$
  • Beidahu Ski Resort is located in southwest of Jilin City, surrounded by 3 mountains with 9 peacks.
  • Ski Resort is not overcrowded, usually has deep snow and there is the biggest altitude drop for skiing in China.
  • Beidahu hosted National Winter Games in China and has a big variety of accomodation and ski slopes for every experience level.
  • Jilin: 53 km (33mi), Changchun Airport: 126 km (78mi)

Photos of Beidahu Ski Resort, China

Beidahu Ski Resort Location

Beidahu Ski Resort YouTube Video

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