Cabarete is a popular kitesurfing destination in the world with all infrastructure around and many kitesurfing stations. Great wind conditions and beautiful blue water with waves. There are real kitesurfing vibes through the long wide sandy beach, full of thematic locations and hotels. It’s a great place for beginners and advanced riders as well. You can also find a lot of kite schools, offering courses and equipment rental. Cabarete is also known for its yearly kitesurfing competitions and events. Come and join the kitesurfing community and have an amazing time in Cabarete!

  Wind season: January – August

  Strongest winds: Dec-Feb, May-Aug

Waves: 1-2m (3.3-6.6ft)

Air temperature: 24-28°C (75-82°F)

  Water temperature: 26-29°C (79-84°F)

The Dominican Republic is a great destination for those who love to explore the outdoors. From the lush tropical rainforest to the stunning beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. In addition to the numerous beaches, the Dominican Republic is home to many national parks, hiking trails, and waterfalls. The variety of outdoor activities available in the Dominican Republic makes it a great destination for nature lovers. The Dominican Republic is also a great destination for those who enjoy a vibrant culture. With its diverse population, the Dominican Republic offers a variety of cultural experiences. From the traditional music and dance of the Dominican Republic to the vibrant nightlife found in its cities.

Location of kitesurfing spot in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Wind and weather statistics in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Current forecast in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Kite Hotels in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

There is a bunch of great options right on the kitesurfing beach. Here you can book the best ones:

1. Ultravioleta Boutique Residences is a luxurious modern 4-star beachfront hotel with a private beach and swimming pool, located right on Cabarete kitesurfing spot. Enjoy the convenience of a full kitchen and fridge in your apartment, book a family room, or relax at the bar. The hotel also offers an airport shuttle service for guests.

2. Seawinds at Punta Goleta is a beach-front complex of apartments with a fully equipped kitchen right in the center of Cabarete. There is a private swimming pool, surrounded by a garden and ocean view. Apartments complex provides daily housekeeping service, sunbeds, and towels. Restaurants, bars, kitesurfing schools, and rentals are within very short walking distance of the beach.

3. Cabarete Maravilla Eco Lodge Boutique Beach Surf & Kite are authentic wooden lodges right on the beach, all built from natural local materials. There is an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, lounge terrace, shared kitchen, and airport shuttle for the guests. It’s located on Perla Marina Beach, which is 11km (6.2 mi) from Cabarete main kite beach.

Kitesurfing schools and rentals in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

There is a big variety of kitesurfing schools and rentals along the coastline of Cabarete Kite Beach. The most popular and top-rated kitesurfing schools in Cabarete:

  1. Cabarete Kite Point Kiteboarding School – lessons for beginners and advanced riders, gear rental and shop, restaurant, kite trips, and downwinds
  2. Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School (LEK) – lessons for beginners and advanced, gear rental and shop, lockers, repairing service
  3. Progress Kitesurf – lessons for beginners and advanced riders, gear rental, and shop

YouTube Video from Cabarete

KiteCamps in Cabarete

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